The Silo Effect

The Silo Effect

Invisible Barriers That Can Destroy Organizational Teams

By Dr. Sharon M. Biggs

The Silo Effect was written  after years of research and observation about how organizational silos can easily create atmospheres of toxicity and dividedness that stunt an organizations ability to make any real progress.

If left unattended, silos inevitably lead to:

  • Miscommunication
  • The absence of collaboration
  • A failure to calibrate real-time data
  • A lack of consistent practices among teams

Silos can also crop up because of differences in personality, philosophy, perspective, and purpose. Silos left standing cause teammates to suffer and organizations to struggle with failures year after year.

Every team needs at least one SAM to help get to the root causes of silos so the team can start breaking them down. SAM is the person (or persons) Sent to organizations on Assignment with a Mission to dismantle silos and get teams on track to reach goals and achieve successes.

This book is designed to give you practical strategies to help you tap inter your inner SAM and start dismantling organizational silos destroying your team.

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