The DNA of Gutsy Leaders

The DNA of Gutsy Leaders

“I’m Made For This Moment!”

By Coach Terence H. Biggs II & Dr. Sharon M. Biggs

Gutsy leaders are wired to lead people and organizations through change. In this book, co-authors and husband and wife team, Coach Terence H. Biggs II and Dr. Sharon M. Biggs, share actual interviews from several 21st century gutsy leaders who possess the DNA to effectively respond to their giant leadership moments.

The authenticity embedded in this leadership development book will help current and aspiring leaders identify and develop their own gutsy leadership skill sets and become Excellent Leaders Without ExcuseSM.

This book will help prepare you for your leadership moment and have you reflect about things like: How do leaders know when it is their moment to lead? How do leaders know what to do and when to do it? What do gutsy leaders have in common?

This book is a probative deep dive into the DNA of gutsy leaders that will definitely prepare you for your leadership moment.

Use this study guide as a comprehensive tool during and after reading the book, The DNA of Gutsy Leaders: I’m Made For This Moment!

Doing so will help you apply the practical and attainable gutsy leadership principles described in the book to your own experiences.

Navigate the leadership roadmap provided by the book’s featured 21st century gutsy leaders to help you construct whatever leadership journey you are made for. Then, develop your own gutsy style of leadership and confidently seize your moments!

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