Team Member

Dr. Sharon M. Biggs

Marketplace Dynamics, LLC
Executive Vice President
Educational Leadership Coach, Consultant & Trainer
Author & Blogger

Dr. Biggs is passionate about investing in practicing and aspiring leaders. She provides Educational Leadership Coaching, Consulting and Training by getting in the trenches with clients to co-develop improvement plans that move leaders and teams forward. She has 31 years of experience at the State, District and School levels in New Jersey and New York; and had a career in Corporate America before that.

As an Educational Leadership Coach, Dr. Biggs collaborates with leaders and educators at different career levels and helps prepare them for sustainable success by posing probing questions about data to help drive systemic improvements, reflective practices, and transformative change.

As a Consultant, she brings her 31 years of educational leadership experience to build human capital and strengthen teams so they can achieve measurable outcomes. Dr. Biggs provides practical guidance during role/position transitions by helping leaders develop leadership portfolios, interview talking points, enhanced networking skills and marketable resumes.

As a Trainer, she provides lively, hands-on and interactive training sessions and workshops where she partners with leaders and teams and "uses a direct approach with a soft tone" to help them (1) Tighten up systems, (2) Tear down silos, and (3) Blow the trumpet about team successes. She is available for keynote speaking, workshop presentations, training, and professional development customized to meet the needs of teams.

As an Author, she offers guidance and training in best practices outlined in the book and study guide, The DNA of Gutsy Leaders, which she co-authored with her husband and business partner, Coach Terence H. Biggs II. Her book, The Silo Effect: Invisible Barriers That Can Destroy Organizational Teams, in its 2nd edition, should be in every leader’s possession. As a Blogger, Dr. Biggs shares “leadership nuggets” to help support the growth and development of leaders across the globe.