Play the Game – Win Some, Lose Some

Play the Game – Win Some, Lose Some

Play the Game – Win Some, Lose Some



A form of play or sport, especially a competitive one played according to rules and decided by skill, strength, or luck.

A type of activity or business, especially when regarded as a game.


Some view leadership as a game with spoken and unspoken rules that engage a leader’s skill sets, stamina, and capacity to lead.

The following words of wisdom from an educational leadership giant, Dr. James Caulfield (1927-2017), who was one of my most trusted and reliable leadership coaches, will continue to ring true for generations of leaders:

“Leaders have to recognize things are not always going to go well for them. You still have to take calculated and well thought out chances that will benefit the groups you’re serving. I once knew a superintendent who said his job was to go around and cause trouble. He succeeded at that and didn’t last long as a superintendent. Stirring up trouble was never my motive so I was braced to live with the consequences of my district decisions. I went after success but stayed prepared to lose bond referendums and budgets, and to sometimes alienate board members. That didn’t stop me from running workshops for the public and for local realtors to keep them informed about what was going on in the district that I worked so hard to move forward.”

(Excerpt from THE DNA OF GUTSY LEADERS, page 36 – Authors: Coach Terence H. Biggs II & Dr. Sharon M. Biggs)

In the game of leadership we can expect to win some and to lose some. That’s just one of the unspoken game rules we have to follow when we pursue success.

Written by Dr. Sharon M. Biggs – #DocBiggs  #GutsyDNA

Educational Leadership Coach, Consultant & Trainer | Author | Presenter & Speaker

Looking for a Coach? Dr. Biggs is available – 732.820.0368. Dr. Sharon M. Biggs has 31+ years of K-12 Educational Leadership experience at the state, district, and school level in NJ and NYC, serving as a Statewide Leadership Coach, Assistant to the Superintendent, Executive Director, Principal Coach, Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher Leader, and Classroom Teacher. She currently leads the Educational Leadership Coaching, Consulting & Training division of Marketplace Dynamics, a New Jersey-based leadership development agency.


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