Every Leader Needs Coaching

Every Leader Needs Coaching

Every Leader Needs Coaching

a) a private tutor 
b) one who instructs or trains
c) one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a sport and directs team strategy


Every leader needs a coach.

Ongoing coaching serves the leader the same way sunshine and water serves many types of flowers. The more direct sun and water a single flower gets, the more apt it is to develop, grow, and thrive, even in the midst of surrounding soil or dirt.

The more focused and direct coaching a leader gets, the more likely that leader is to cultivate his or her leadership strengths and pass those strengths along to followers, even in the midst of organizational barriers and challenges (you know, those organizational mounds of “soil and dirt” that make for some sleepless nights and anxiety-ridden days…).

When leaders of every level stay open to receiving meaningful leadership coaching, they leave open the door to get trained and instructed on the real-time fundamentals of leadership. This can then help direct how effectively the leader communicates and collaborates with teams about team strategy, planning, goal setting, and carrying out purposeful next steps.

As a seasoned Educational Leadership Coach, Consultant & Trainer, I still seek and receive coaching from others to help make sure I continuously cultivate my leadership strengths so I can develop and grow despite any barriers or obstacles. My leadership coaches are like my private tutors who help me discover what I’m doing well and need to keep on doing, and what I need to adjust.

I believe every leader needs a leadership coach. What do you believe?

Written by Dr. Sharon M. Biggs – #DocBiggs   #GutsyDNA

Educational Leadership Coach, Consultant & Trainer  | Author | Presenter & Speaker

Looking for a Coach? Dr. Biggs is available – 732.820.0368.  Dr. Sharon M. Biggs has 31+ years of K-12 Educational Leadership experience at the state, district, and school level in NJ and NYC, serving as a Statewide Leadership Coach, Assistant to the Superintendent, Executive Director, Principal Coach, Principal, Assistant Principal, Teacher Leader, and Classroom Teacher. She currently leads the Educational Leadership Coaching, Consulting & Training division of Marketplace Dynamics, a New Jersey-based leadership development agency.

Website: marketplacedynamics.com

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