Calm Leadership During Storms

Calm Leadership During Storms

Calm Leadership During Storms

I have yet to meet a leader who actually likes obstacles and storms. But, I’ve met many leaders who recognize challenges come with leadership territory.

I can remember how different leaders I’ve worked with handled storms.

Some became visibly and audibly frustrated and irritated, and they voiced unhappiness to the team about challenges. Almost like clockwork, the team became uncertain and less confident about the future, and there was a sense that any trust for and in the leader rapidly disappeared.

Then, there were leaders who pulled the team and individuals together to get everyone’s take about an obstacle or storm. Although the conversations focused on intense issues, there was an unspoken calmness that spread from the leader to the group. The confidence level about being ready and able to tackle and overcome challenges and storms gave untapped strength to the team. No one seemed to feel isolated or left on their own. They believed the leader could be counted on to constantly and calmly pulse the team to make sure everyone had what s/he needed to succeed despite the storm.

Calm leadership during storms is good for the health, confidence level, and endurance of teams.

All eyes are on leaders to see how they will respond to leadership storms and challenges. The rest of the team takes its cues from the leader.

By Dr. Sharon M. Biggs – #DocBiggs #GutsyDNA

Author | Educational Leadership Coach | Consultant | Trainer



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