Make the Mission Personal

Make the Mission Personal

Make the Mission Personal

When I coach and consult leadership teams, I remind them how important it is for them to do what Stephen R. Covey (1989) encouraged everyone to do: “Begin with the end in mind.”  Doing that  helps keep the journey personal and current for leadership teams.

I find that when I deliberately and regularly think about where it is that I want to end up, I’m much more intentional about the things I do and say to help get me there. Years ago I started actually writing down my personal mission statements with three simple thoughts for me to constantly refer to and keep in mind:

  1. What have I already accomplished?
  2. What actions do I need to start or stop doing along the way?
  3. What will success look like in the next 30, 60, 90, 180, and 365 days?

Personalizing my mission statements gives me a chance to celebrate my past accomplishments, set realistic and measurable success goals for what’s next, and be clear and specific about what I (and everyone else) should be able to easily observe by the end of different time frames.

Make the mission personal because it belongs to the team, so why not have everyone own it?

On a mission,

By Dr. Sharon M. Biggs – #DocBiggs #GutsyDNA

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