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As I awakened this morning I was met by the severe nor’easter snowstorm that weather forecasters had been predicting for the last few days. By the looks of it, the storm is living up to their forecast. The snow is mixed with freezing rain and ice pellets and is being driven by an intense wind. To make matters more challenging, the temperature has dropped to 28 degrees Fahrenheit and is forecasted to drop to 22 degrees.

Over the weekend I spent time preparing my snowblower in order for it to assist me in removing the snow once the snowstorm leaves us and heads on further north. I will not start my snow removal process until the storm leaves because the conditions outside are too treacherous.


As a leadership trainer, the above description sounds a lot like real life to me. There are times when the road ahead is filled with obstacles, challenges and difficult decisions that have to be made. I know there are times when challenges call for us to jump right in. However, just like my strategy with this storm, there are times when waiting out the storm is a better strategy. Many people face all their challenges with the same strategy…full steam ahead! However, some challenges are best faced by hunkering down and allowing them to blow over. Once they have caused the damage they were meant to unleash, we can begin to put things back in order.

As leaders, we have to be masters of The Law of Navigation which state that “anyone can steer the ship, but it takes a leader to chart the course.” When a storm is severe, a leader must determine if docking the vessel is the best strategy. There are many with war wounds from storms they faced that they should have sat through! When your next storm presents itself (and it will), ask yourself, should I engage it or wait it out!


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