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About Coach Biggs

Terence H. Biggs II (aka Coach Biggs) is a published author and a certified and licensed elite business leadership coach, consultant, trainer, and speaker. As a seasoned business executive with years of experience on New York’s Wall Street and as a successful entrepreneur, Coach Biggs’ personal passion is the cultivation and development of human potential through the assessment and mitigation of “leadership blind spots.” He teaches that leadership blind spots can sabotage your business, your career, your relationships, and even your purpose. He’s the Founder & President of Marketplace Dynamics, LLC.

About Dr. Biggs

Dr. Sharon M. Biggs (aka Dr. Biggs) is a published author with years of executive experience in Educational Leadership at the state, district, and school levels. Dr. Biggs journeys with leadership teams to build and implement growth and systems improvement plans rooted in data and conducts lively, interactive, and meaningful training sessions. She has a passion for Identifying and deconstructing “organizational silos.” Dr. Biggs is Executive Vice President of Marketplace Dynamics, LLC.

Our Book on Leadership

The DNA of Gutsy Leaders By Terence & Sharon Biggs
Bestselling, leadership book and study guide by Coach Terence H. Biggs II and Dr. Sharon M. Biggs.

In The DNA of Gutsy Leaders, they state that transformational leaders who lead from the front have to be prepared to take hits for decisions they make and for some decisions they had no part in making.

Gutsy leaders have to be strong enough to take bullets as they come so that the group being led is protected and can stay focused on accomplishing the mission.

Our Book on Communication

The Silo Effect
By Dr. Sharon M. Biggs
Silos are invisible barriers that can destroy the health of teams and the future of organizations. When left unattended, silos can literally destroy a team’s chances for success.

Someone has to start dismantling toxic silos to help teams get on track and get the results they need to stay alive.

Coaches listen attentively to verbal as well as non-verbal communication.

How Coaching Can Benefit You

What is Coaching?
Among coaching professionals, it is said that Coaching is “making that which is unconscious conscious.” Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) said, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

The Leadership Game

(The Leadership Challenge)

Discover Team Strengths and Challenges​

  • Strong Leadership Development Tool
  • Powerful Teambuilding Experience
  • Developed by The John Maxwell Team
  • Adds Value to Any Team
  • Fun and Engaging
  • Develop Stronger Team Relationships

written articles by Coach Biggs and Dr. Biggs

These articles will assist you in raising your leadership lid

Trusted By

I decided to attend a leadership seminar conducted by Coach Biggs and Dr. Biggs. My level of expectation was not high because I’ve attended so many of these types of sessions before. Well, I was totally blown away by the substantive content they delivered. They are a dynamic leadership team with a powerful 1-2 punch.

Rev. T. Burroughs, Sr., D.Min.

Senior Pastor

Our team communication breakdowns were preventing us from effectively serving our target market. Dr. Biggs and Coach Biggs not only showed us that we had destructive communication silos, but they coached us through the dismantling of our silos.

L. Harris

Executive Director,

Working one-on-one with Coach Biggs revealed a leadership blind spot that was undermining all my efforts to take my business to the next level. After assessing and correcting my blind spot, my effectiveness as a leader has increased exponentially.

S. Harrington, CPA

Entrepreneur, Small Business Owner

Dr. Biggs delivered a professional development (PD) session for our district that was high-energy and packed with transformative educational leadership development nuggets. She challenged our thinking and as a result, we are better educators.

D. Taylor, PhD


After a visit from Coach Biggs and Dr. Biggs, I decided to schedule my entire department to attend their one-day leadership retreat. After the retreat, the energy level and excitement in the department was extremely high. As a result of our takeaways, productivity has increased and our communication channels are much clearer. We are now functioning as a healthy team.

D. Chadwick II

SVP, Operations

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